Naturally Durable™ Tropical Hardwoods stand the test of time. They have evolved in warm moist environments teaming with life. They are naturally resistant to a broad range of insects, fungi, and mold.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry in natural forests traces back 33 years. We embrace the principles of Forest Stewardship Council® certification. Spurred by compelling questions about sustainable foresty, loggers, foresters, environmentalists, and sociologists came together in the first General Assembly to form the FSC® in 1993.

A something Tree in the Terre Firme

Many Amazonian rivers are bordered by narrow or sometimes very wide strips of lowland, which become periodically inundated with the rising of the river level. The vegetation that grows in such areas is known as "floodplain forests". On the upper rivers, or those rivers above the Amazon, floodplain forests are inundated annually for a few months, as a result of seasonal rains. In the Amazon River, however, flooding follows the tides, and tidal effects extend to the mouth of the Xingu River lower limit of the region known as the Lower Amazon. Consequently, it is possible to distinguish two very different types of floodplain forests: Ones above the Lower Amazon and ones in the estuary, on much more recent sediments. Both types also differ in terms of their flora. While there seems to be a reduced number of palms in floodplains on the Lower Amazon, the same is not true in the estuary.

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FSC-Certified Tropical Hardwoods from Well-Managed Forests. Certificate number SCSC-COC-00041
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