Naturally Durable™ Tropical Hardwoods stand the test of time. They have evolved in warm moist environments teaming with life. They are naturally resistant to a broad range of insects, fungi, and mold.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry in natural forests traces back 33 years. We embrace the principles of Forest Stewardship Council® certification. Spurred by compelling questions about sustainable foresty, loggers, foresters, environmentalists, and sociologists came together in the first General Assembly to form the FSC® in 1993.

A something Tree in the Terre Firme

In the past, when journeys into the Amazon Basin were limited to rivers and streams, it was commonly thought that the forest was like an immense green rug with no blank spaces, and that the non-forested areas were insignificant, scare spots that did not deserve special attention. With the development of terrestrial and aerial means of transport, the phytogeography of the region became better known, and the region as a whole appears to be a mosaic of different types of vegetation. The great forest is in fact discontinuous with small to extensive areas of non-forest vegetation, such as white sand savannas, scrub forests, and other types of naturally low vegetation, in addition to vegetational types which result from human interference.

According to A.J. Sampaio, a noted phytogeographer, open vegetation dominates the Amazonian flora, it ay be fair to estimate that 30-40% of the Amazon is comprised of pen vegetation. Such areas can be of various non-forest vegetational types, differing in general appearance and floristic composition. These different types are: "Terre Firme" savannas, including white sand campinas, short-grass savannas (in Roraima), woody savannas, etc; seasonally flooded savannas, especially in the lower Amazon and on Marajó island; rocky savannas on the Cururu river, Ereré Mountain, and Carajás. Scrub savannas are known from Amapa. "Chavascal" or "charavascal", a type of open vegetation, is known from Rond˘nia and the upper Paru de Oeste River.

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