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Competitors do not match our genuine enthusiasm and commitment to high performance wood products. Sourcing wood from responsibly managed can be complicated. Limited supplies of the most sought after species, shipping difficulties, and a very real need to sell alternative species are part of the mix of challenges our organization has been meeting for the past decade.
The Deck Clip™ Invisible Deck Fastening System
The Deck Clip invisible deck fastening system

What makes the Deck Clip Special? Each Deck Clip™ is extruded out of 6063-T5 aluminum, and has a unique shape that allows it to grab both sides of the decking and actually hold it down like a spring that keeps your deck boards tight forever. We recommend stainless steel screws to attach the clips to your deck frame.

Why Choose the Deck Clip?
Face fastened tropical hardwood decking presents plenty of challenges during installation. Every screw must be pre-drilled and countersunk, and even then snapped off screw heads and broken driver bits are a real possibility. If plastic clips are used some screws may pull through plastic clip and plastic clips can shear off when your new hardwood is under stress from moisture or temperature changes.

Surface fastened decks are not nearly as beautiful as an invisible system like the Deck Clip™, especially over the long lifetime of your hardwood decking. With face screws, cracks will show around the screw heads in a few months. As the screws loosen, water will soak in around the screw heads and discolor the wood. Do it right the first time with the Deck Clip™. They install fast, hold the most stubborn woods, and the Deck Clipped deck looks great when finished.

How durable is the Deck Clip?
Each Deck Clip™ is manufactured out of the same grade of aluminum used on marine applications worldwide and is coated with 2 coats of Magni-599 corrosion resisitant coating. This combination passed over a 1000 hrs salt spray test , ASTM method B-117.

WOCA Garden Furniture Oil Spray

Deck Clip Single Pack
Contains 170 clips, 170 SS screws, 10 starter and finisher SS screws, 10 Ipe plugs, and 1 T-20 driver.

Single Pack
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WOCA Garden Furniture Oil Spray

Deck Clip Professional Pack
8 units, each of which contains: 170 clips, 170 SS screws, 10 starter and finisher SS screws, 10 Ipe plugs, and 1 T-20 driver.

Pro 8-Pack
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Naturally Durable Tropical Hardwood Decking

Tropical Hardwood Decking
We provide a complete range of Naturally Durable™ decking in standard dimensions made from Ipe, Brazilian Redwood, Mayan ipe, Santa Maria, and other class 1 durability tropical hardwoods.

Naturally Durable Tropical Hardwood Pilings

Custom Millwork and Manufacturing
Several tropical hardwoods are appropriate for pilings, since they do not require toxic preservatives and are very appropriate for sensitive aquatic environments.

Hardscape and Garden
Class 1 durability tropical hardwood species are the right choice for tough, strong, non-toxic and maintenance free structures and decks in a wide range of applications.

Trip Trap Hardwood Finishes and Cleaners

Trip Trap Outdoor Hardwood Finishes & Cleaners
Over a period of 25 years, WoodCare Denmark A/S has developed and extended its range of wood care products, with maximum emphasis on product functionality.

FSC-Certified Tropical Hardwoods from Well-Managed Forests. Certificate number SCSC-COC-00041
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